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The Next Generation of Horseman

A Modern Teacher of Classical Wisdom​

From the first day he slid his feet into a pair of boots, Brendan knew he wanted to be a cowboy! There was only one problem... he could care less about horses! Sure they were nice to look at, but at the time Brendan's heart was with the cows! But one day Brendan's sister decided she wanted to learn to ride horses. Brendan decided he'd tag along for a trial lesson. "No harm in that," he thought to himself. That day he knew this would be his life.

Brendan has grown up on and around horses most of his life. He developed a great interest in being more than just a rider at an early age. He wanted to know more about God's favorite animal, and how to help people build a relationship with them. At first it started with just being able to ride the "bad ones". Pretty soon he had a knack for making the "bad ones" the "good ones".

Brendan has studied the methods and teachings of both John and Josh Lyons since he first became interested in training. It's what made sense to him, and it had a profound effect on his horses. In 2009, Brendan graduated from the Lyons Legacy Certification Program, and the Lyons Legacy Accreditation program in 2011. Since graduating form the Lyons Legacy Schools, Brendan has also been intensely studying the Dressage masters, both modern and classical. He has found that only by combining the principles of the French Classical method taught by Philippe Karl, Baucher, and Nuno, with what he has learned from the Lyons family can he truly come to the best program for the horse. Learning and studying the biomechanics of the horse and rider has absolutely revolutionized the way Brendan trains his horses and educates his students. Brendan is now seeking to make his mark on the equine community.

Brendan has been a featured clinician and teacher at venues such as: Maryland Horseworld Expo, Pennsylvania Horseworld Expo, Delaware Horse Expo, Equine Affair Columbus, Equine Affair Massachusetts, Faster Horses Festival, World Equestrian Games, and many more.

Come join us in playing with and enjoying the great gift that God has given us in the horse!

Jeremiah 29:11

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