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A Modern Teacher of Classical Wisdom

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Brendan Wise has been playing with horses ever since he was old enough to pull his boots on, and has always had a love for the horse greater than anything else in this world. He has devoted his life to the study and the teaching of Horsemanship in the Classical Tradition. Brendan has spent his entire life learning from many disciplines including Natural Horsemanship, Dressage, Reining, Show Jumping and Racing. He has combined his experiences and successes in all of these disciplines, as well as a constant intense study of the Classical Masters, in order to develop his skills as a horseman and teacher. Brendan has had the honor of studying under many of the greatest mentors and teachers of our time; including having two of America’s greatest horsemen, John and Josh Lyons, give him his start as a young clinician. Brendan always says that he owes much of his ability as a teacher and communicator to spending years with John and Josh Lyons. His desire is to share the knowledge that he has gained from his personal experiences, and the wisdom of other great masters that he studies under (including Jean-Claude Barry of Le Cadre Noir de Saumur), in the hopes that he may make an impact on the lives of many horses and riders. Brendan seeks to follow the wisdom and principles of the Classical Masters, handed down from teachers like Nuno Olivera, Xenophon, Baucher, La Gueriniere, Dr. Klimke, Steinbrecht, Podhajski, Anja Beran, and Phillipe Karl.​

Natural Horsemanship and French Classical Dressage are at the very core of Brendan’s personal horsemanship. Brendan has a passion for the proper training, conditioning, and maintaining of the integrity of the horse’s mind and body from beginning to end. A great reverence, respect and admiration for the horse guides every thought that Brendan has in regards to the horse. It is his hope that he may bring a refreshing and much needed breath of air to the training of high level horses, with a commitment to putting the horse first. The engaged in modern competitions and teaching modern horses, it is the proven work of the Classical masters that guides what Brendan teaches from beginning to end, always striving to learn more with each ride.

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