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   "What would it be like if you started a new job and your boss spoke a different language? Not only does your boss speak a different language, but all of your co-workers speak a different language. They are giving you all sorts of commands and instructions but you don't have any clue what they are saying! How frustrating would it be? How long would it take before you gave up and quit?
     This is exactly how so many of our horses feel. We give them a job and expect them to do that job to the best of their ability. We want it exactly how we want it, when we want it, and we even want it to look pretty! We give our horse all sorts of commands and instructions, but we're missing a vital element: Communication. You and your horse speak two different languages, and think two completely different ways.
     What if we could teach ourselves and our horses a new language? One we could share together and both understand. What if we could talk to our horses? 
     At Brendan Wise Horsemanship, we are committed to building the relationship between horse and rider through respect, communication, and trust. By building a language and learning to communicate directly with your horse in a way you and he both understand, you can achieve your dreams and attain any goal"
     -Brendan Wise
Brendan has devoted his life to the study of the horse, the biomechanics of the horse and rider, and has made it his mission to impact the equine community for the sake of the horse. He has combined his knowledge of the Lyons method with his studies of the dressage masters and the french classical method to create a program and training style intended to develop the best equine athlete and partner!


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